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sprint coaching, training and analysis for sport performance in gloucestershire Improve your sprint speed and technique in Gloucestershire
Sprint Coaching We offer a speed development programme with one to one coaching and strength and conditioning to improve your speed for sport or athletics. The training focusses on you and what you are looking to achieve, it is cost effective and will keep you motivated. The training is provided by Matt who is an experienced performance level athletics coach, strength and conditioning and triathlon coach and a personal trainer. This gives the experience and know how to work on your speed from different approaches to get the best result for you. We have worked with numerous people for athletics and team sports from recreational to those looking to compete at their highest level. We’ve improved their technique, speed, stamina, strength and made their sprinting more efficient. They’ve been given a focussed specific way of training that works for them and hasn’t just been a generic plan found online. We provide training as detailed below and we can plan something specific to you, your time, aims and budget. These include one to one sessions working on technique, acceleration, maximum speed, strength and conditioning, detailed weekly training plans, nutrition advice and email support. For our specific running training to improve your endurance, speed and technique for longer distances or endurance based sports (e.g. triathlon) please click here. Email info@balance-hf.co.uk or phone 01452 741711 to book an initial free no obligations meeting or for further information.
Training Plans In addition to your training we can provide detailed training plans. You will receive a long term plan which will give an overview of your whole training period up to the start of your event and throughout your training season. You will receive weekly plans with each session written in detail for you to carry out. These will be reviewed on a weekly basis making sure you are meeting your aims. Training plan prices vary and are based on the number of weeks you require one for. Please discuss this at your initial meeting. Location The strength and conditioning training will take place at our studio and outdoor training area. The sprinting sessions will be either at our outdoor area, nearby field or Blackbridge Jubilee athletics track in Gloucester. The location is dependant on your personal preference.
Technique Improve your technique to make your running more efficient and quicker. Technique plays a big part in sprinting as you can waste a lot of energy and not make optimal use of the forces you’re creating. We will work on all areas of your technique to improve your acceleration and maximum speed. We will use numerous methods to do this e.g. video analysis, specific sprint drills and running technique movement patterns.
Strength and Conditioning Strength and conditioning plays a big part in your sprinting as you need the required strength, power and speed to sprint at your maximum pace. It isn’t just about lifting weights but also plyometrics, agility, mobility and motor skills. It helps reduce the chance of getting injured by working on your body’s ability to deal with the forces you will face, uneven surfaces and directional changes. You will improve your strength to give you the ability to train to produce more force at a quicker rate. Your running posture will improve as your core and trunk gets stronger.
Email info@balance-hf.co.uk or phone 01452 741711 to book an initial meeting or for further information.
Prices 1 hour sprint strength and conditioning and coaching sessions 1 hour - £30 Pay for 10 x 1 hour sessions in advance for only £250, that’s only £25 per session Off peak rates - Train between 10am and 2pm (Mon to Fri, term time) and save off our usual rates. Pay for 10 x 1 hour sessions off peak in advance for only £220, that’s only £22 per session Training plans - prices vary and are based on the number of weeks you require. Please discuss this at the initial meeting. Track sessions - there is a £4 track fee per session.